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Personal MixTape

MyTape is a music assistant dais where you can get your Personalized Mixtape. It simply asks for your favorite songs/genres/artists which you like to listen to and accordingly delivers your MyTape suited to your music tastes in your mail.

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Gift a Mixtape

Share the gift of music & art to your loved ones through e-Mixtapes or physical CDs on this Valentine's Day. Cherish the beautiful memories and nostalgia.

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Artist's World

Discover some new music sprouting from the independent artists. The inspiration, thought process and stories uncovered here


PreGame, PostGame!

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Special curated playlists pertaining to events or sessions; spreading the music and ideology. Discover more and take the experience with you!

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We have started a crowdfunding campaign on one of Asia's most trusted crowd sourcing platforms,

The platform will help us generating funds to disburse on further enhancement of our services and promote Mytape socially. Your love and support has helped us in taking such an initiative and we hope it to continue.

We would love to have you on board as one of our sponsors for our campaign.

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